Study: Teacher’s Gender Affects Learning

This study shows that girls do better in classes taught by women and boys do better in classes taught by men. It would be interesting to see a similar study done by homeschoolers. Is it that men are more tolerant of the natural behavior of boys and boys react to men better (and the same with girls) or is it that teachers are better able to reach out to children and understand children of the same gender?


It would be interesting to see if the same pattern holds for homeschooled children or if it is really more of the fact that the teacher understands the child better. Let me see if I can make myself clearer. When we homeschool, we are teaching children we have raised. We know how they learn, we can respond to their interests and behaviors based on our knowledge. This would be similar to a male understanding better how a male learns. So in my hypothesis, since in most homeschool families, children are taught by their mothers, is that you would not see this same gap. 


What are your thoughts?

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