Sunlight Curbs Afternoon Drowsiness…

Falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon? Get outside! Get some good old sunshine. We have gotten used to living in these artificially lit environments and they trigger sleepy responses in our human physiology. So get out of your chair, go take a short walk and you will be rejuvenated! More awake! Your heart will thank you!  You may lose weight! You may get stronger!  You will see more of the world around you! And you will soak in some Vitamin D…wow, did God give us a great gift when he made the sun or what? So get out there and take advantage of it!


As an aside, avoiding sweets early in the day and at lunch can also help with this. Sweets make sugar levels rise quickly, then they drop, leaving you feeling very tired. This actually led me to have an afternoon car accident (thankfully no human injuries) when I fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a guard rail about 15 years ago). Just an FYI.


Now get out in that sunshine!!!

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