Day 24: 5 Blessings A Day

1.  Yesterday we went to the zoo and enjoyed watching a large variety of God's creatures playing. (The Richmond Metro zoo has tons of monkeys and they were all having lots of fun!)


2.  I live in a free country with a President who believes in God and has stuck to difficult choices even when it gives his enemies ammunition against him.


3.  We can pray in public whether it be to say grace before eating or just to say 'thank you' or any other reason that we need to talk to God. Personally, I feel that people who pray in public at meal time are sending a strong message to those around them and who knows whose heart they might be touching.


4.  We drove over 200 miles yesterday and returned home without incident.


5.  I was able to pay back some money I had borrowed from my mom a year ago.

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