Komodo Dragon Reviews

Well, my contest for giving away free Komodo Dragon ebooks is done. I have been overwhelmed with the response and tickled pink at the fact that so many were willing to do reviews and spread the word about my ebook for me. I am going to keep this as a running list of where you can get your own copy of  the Life of Komodo Dragon and reviews as they come in. Also, if you missed my original post about the contest, there is some information in that post and in the comments about how this ebook came to be.


I hope that by reading the words of other HSBer's that you will feel more comfortable that this is a quality product I am offering.


Amber's Review


Betsy's Review


Genesis Family's Review


Canada Girl's Review


Kathleen's Review


Abiga's Review


Jacque Dixon's Review


Eyecorn's Review


HeartNSoul's Review


Thanks fellow homeschoolers for sharing your two cents worth and helping me to spread the word about my book. Now I am going to have to work on doing the layout and getting photographs for my hummingbird and bison manuscripts!

11 thoughts on “Komodo Dragon Reviews

  1. Suzanne

    …that I missed out on this. I’ll have to go read those reviews — when I get a chance. (Yea right! What’s that… get a chance to read something??!!) :-)

  2. GenesisFamily

    I posted my review at my blog, let me know if you want me to email you….

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity!


  3. Abiga51

    Thank you for a copy of the e-book. After finally getting it downloaded (since I am very computer challenged in even the simplest things) I didn’t get a chance to start reading it yet. But I can’t wait to read it and jot down notes for what I will do with my grandboys. Blessings.

  4. Canadagirl

    really take some more time reading your blog ! I love all the posts you have on creatures of the world . COOL ! I am looking forward to learning soooooo much from you . (0:

    In Him,

  5. cbinco

    We just moved to Spotsylvania from CA. Where is Huddleston, VA? I’ll have to mapquest that! Thanks for leaving me a comment!

    Christy B

  6. Abiga51

    I posted my review so unless you are up tonight in the wee hours you will read this in the am. I don’t know if you take care of the linking or not. You’d better cuz I wouldn’t know what to do being kind of computer challenged. Blessings.

  7. LadyPoet33

    With all that has been going on with my grandmother, and all the other things. I have not had time to read it to my kids.

    I will let you know what they think, as soon as I do.

    I apologize for the delay.



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