Shark Attack With a Twist

Watch out son of Jaws…the humans are striking back! Only in Australia would you find a man with enough nerve to wrestle a shark with his bare hands!

And yes, the vodka he had consumed probably helped! While fishing for squid, 41 year old Phillip Kerkhof saw a bronze whaler shark flopping about in the water nearby. Without really thinking it through, he grabbed the 4 foot long shark and wrestled it to land.
While his pants did get torn when the shark tried to take a bite, Mr. Kerkhof didn’t suffer any injury.
Kerkhof, who said he had “a fair few vodkas” before he went fishing, said he only realised the danger of his actions the following day.
“It’s not something I’d recommend to do,” he said. “When I sobered up I thought about it and I said, ‘I’m a bit of an idiot doing it’.”

This occurred near where the 1975 movie, JAWS was filmed.
Kerkhof has been enjoying his catch and said it was restaurant quality and tasty! He even shared with his mates.
Good on ya, mate!

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