Thrift Store Shopping Yields Treasure

I love shopping in thrift stores. I don’t get the opportunity to do it as often as I like, but it is nothing but a great big treasure hunt, and I love a treasure hunt! I find new clothing, appliances and gently used items that I pay a fraction of the cost for…what is not to love! So far, I haven’t found any treasures destined to bring me a huge income, but someone in Tennessee did recently.

A rare 187 year old copy of the Declaration of Independence was found at Muisic City Thriftshop in Nasville, Tennessee. The bargain hunter paid $2.48 for this document. It turns out it was one of 200 commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820. WOW!!!
I don’t think I would put this amazing document up for sale (the upcoming auction starting price will be $125,000. I would either find out how to preserve it in my own home or better yet, put it on loan to a museum. My heart swells with pride everytime I read the Declaration of Independence. What an amazing document that has stood the test of time! I hope that wherever it’s new home is, this copy will be well cared for and out there for others to see.

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