Mother’s Day Project: Monet’s Garden

A couple of months ago, I borrowed a book from the library on Art. It was an interesting book, but unfortunately I can’t remember the title of it. What I liked most about it was that it helped teach me about the styles of different artists and then it had activities to do that would in some way relate to the artist. So we decided to use one of these to make three inexpensive and lovely Mother’s Day gifts. (We paid about $6.00 total for all three gifts), but we spent a couple of hours creating our master pieces.

Here is how we made our masterpeices (and each is different)….

Old magazines or seed catalogs
White Glue
Small Bowl
Flower Pot
Potting Soil
Flower seeds or bulbs
1. Cut out several pictures of flowers from magazines
2. Mix equal amounts of glue and water in a bowl. Dip one cut-out picture in the glule solution, covering it entirely. Place it on the side of the flowerpot, smooothing down the edges. Repeat for the remaining pictures, slightly overlapping each piece. Let dry.
3. Fill the flowerport with soil, plant a few flower seeds, and add water. (We chose forget-me-nots). Place your pot in a sunny spot and watch your garden bloom.
4. We took a sharpie marker and wrote around the undecorated rim “Happy Mother’s Day 2007, Love, Daniel, Melissa, Jack and Katrina”
It was fun, easy and made a cool gift!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Project: Monet’s Garden

  1. Michelle

    How beautiful. I love the style used to do the flowers! The book sounds like a great resource…hint hint…if you ever remember the name! LOL. I try to read a bio, present photos of the artist’s work and a project to go along….at least once a month. The children LOVE it… it just stimulates the brain so much differently than say,ohhhhh, algebra!
    Have to go read the story about the couple in North Dakota. It’s so interesting to read what people do.


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