Early Morning Risers

My husband loves to hike. I enjoy it too, but now that my knee doesn’t want to work like it should, hiking is something I can’t do. So we haven’t been in awhile. But last weekend, DH decided to take Jack for a hike. They climbed Sharp Top (part of the Peaks of Otter in Bedford County) and had a wonderful afternoon. Jack was so jazzed up about the trip when he came home and it was great father/son time. Jack and Daniel both blogged about it and shared photos if you would like to see them.
So last week was such a success, they decided to go on another hike today. This time they are heading to Flat Top (the other mountain at the Peaks of Otter). It is a longer hike than Sharp Top, but a more gentle hike (Sharp Top tends to be straight up). It is supposed to get hot here today, so they left at 6 a.m.! DH was in the shower at 4 and they banged around from 5-6 getting ready…So much for my day to sleep in! I am glad they are spending some quality time together and having so much fun.
Meanwhile Katrina and I will hang out at home. Bake a cake, take care of the rabbits and hamsters (cage cleaning day), and watch movies. So we will have fun too (if I don’t fall asleep…..zzzzzz)

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