Memory Lane Monday – Favorite Vacation is hosting their weekly Memory-Lane Monday post. This week, we are to share our favorite vacation. Now that one is a tough one for me. We have been lucky enough to travel to many places – France, Winnipeg, San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Vegas, South Carolina, Florida, New England, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico…we love to travel!
Since a vacation is technically supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation, I will have to pick our vacation to Hico, WV just this last January. We love snow, but living where we do, we often don’t see much. The last few years have been particularly disappointing. So when Daniel bought himself a really nice camera this year, he gave me a like amount of money to spend how I wanted and I chose for us to go on a snow vacation.

I researched on the Internet and I found Country Road Cabins. They pretty much promised that they would have snow on the ground and the cabins sounded wonderful. We were within short driving distance of a ski resort and a cavern. I booked us for five days. The cabin had everything from a hot tub to a grill to a dishwasher to a gas fireplace to three bathrooms to a washer and dryer.
We had decided that we would take our computers, but leave them mostly untouched. We weren’t going to spend time watching tv either (though it was available. We took books, games, and puzzles. We arrived and it had started to snow. We went out and got groceries and then headed back to the cabin. We didn’t leave again until it was time to head home. Not because we got snowed in, but because it was so nice there that we didn’t want to go anywhere else!
We spent five days relaxing. We read, we put together puzzles, we played Monopoly and other games. We enjoyed the hot tub and watching the snow. We did play outside in the snow some. We didn’t get a huge amount of snow while we were there, but it was white on the ground during our whole stay. I hope we get to go again this year!

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