Monday Act of Random Kindness

Inspired by the weekly contests at The Average Girl’s Guide to Being A Princess, I have decided to begin a regular post entitled Monday’s Act of Random Kindness. In it I will tell whatever random acts of kindness I manage to do, observe or receive during the week. I am hoping this will help me to be more aware of opportunities that I have to be kind to others. I also thought it would be a great way to start my week, and hopefully yours!
I would love to hear about your Random Acts of Kindess. Feel free to share in the comments below or if you post about them, leave a link and I’ll come visit!
Well, I almost didn’t have anything to write today. Last week, opportunities didn’t present themselves for me to observe or participate in. But today, my daughter saved the day. We have piano lessons on Monday afternoon. They are an hour long. First my daughter goes and my son and I run some errands, then they switch.
I got all of my errands done with Jack, so Katrina and I headed to Chick Filet as they have a play place and 1.00 ice cream cones. I offfered to get her the ice cream or the waffle fries. She asked for chicken instead. I was happy to oblige. Then she took some money she had gotten this last weekend when cleaning out some things and she went up to buy herself a small cone. She is only 7, but has no problem with doing this sort of thing. She came back with a cup of ice cream and two spoons. She said she wanted to share with me. You have to understand, my daughter loves ice cream cones. So not only did she give up her rare treat of a cone, but paid a bit more so she and I could share some ice cream together. She is such a sweetie!

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