Crafty Giveaway – a Lovely Necklace

Suburose is offering a beautiful item for your wearing pleasure! And you can win it by visiting her website and leaving a comment. When I initially wrote this post, I credited Suburose with making this beautiful necklace. She was quick to point out that someone else had made it and offered it to her to giveaway. I missed this because I was scanning through posts this week due to the Fall Ya’ll Bloggy Giveaway…and I wasn’t reading carefully. So, I want you to know that the beautiful necklace you see below was made by Erin Elizabeth Jewelry
I almost hated to tell you about this giveaway, after all, the more people that know about it, the more my chances of winning go down. But I am hoping that my sharing this information will in fact be ‘good karma’ and it will increase my chances of winning! How’s that for rationalization!

Suburose definitely has a talent for this sort of thing! Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Crafty Giveaway – a Lovely Necklace

  1. subu

    thanks for linking to the contest!
    i would hate to take full credit for the necklace. i only found the lovely lady who create it and asked her politely to give it away!!
    to see more gorgeous jewelry by erin of erinelizabethjewelry please visit her etsy shop.

  2. Melissa Markham

    My Bad…this is what happens when you are scanning post during fall y’all bloggy giveaway week! Thanks for making the correction!


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