Memory Lane Monday: Halloween

Yep, it’s time for Memory Lane Monday again. This week, Heather at wants us to share our favorite Halloween memories.
Here are a couple of mine.
When I was in third grade, my mother made me a beautiful Indian costume. I had long hair and she put it in braided pigtails. She took one of my dad’s old hunting vests and fringed the bottoms of it. I honestly don’t remember the rest of the costume, but I do remember winning first place in the costume judging contest. That was very cool!
When I was about 16, my youth group went on a hayride. I judge all other hayrides by that one. We went down some back gravel country roads, it was dark and the ride lasted forever. It was a wonderful evening.
When I first met my current husband, we decided to have a Halloween party for his two sons and some friends of ours. The kids made Halloween crafts and we hung a pinata for them to break down and open up. In the end, Daniel and David had to bust open the pinata as the kids were unable to get it to break. It was a fun night and the first of many of my efforts to do fun things with my children.

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