Boo Mama is having a Souptacular Day –

It is cold and the soup is on! Join Boo Mama and other souper moms to get a yummy recipe that will warm your innards and thrill your taste buds!
Melissa’s Vegetable Soup
Melissa Orndorff Davis Markham, I created this
Wyler’s Soup starter (vegetable or beef stew)
1 onion, chopped or diced depending on what you like
1 lb stew beef
1 bag (2 lb) frozen mixed vegetables
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
Garlic and other seasonings to taste
2-3 tbsp oil
First I follow the directions on the soup starter which is to put 6 cups of water into a pot, mix with soup mix and bring to a boil. Then it has to cook for 20 minutes on low with a cover on the pot.
Meanwhile heat oil in a skillet, then add in onions and garlic (the garlic is optional, but I love it. I put in 1 tbsp). Once the onions are starting to soften, add stew meat and brown. Add stew meat, onions and juices into the pot with the soup starter. Add the diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and frozen veggies. If you like other seasonings/flavors, add them in.
Then let simmer for 3 hours for the flavor to go through.
I can’t find the Wyler’s mix anymore, so I just follow the other directions and add my own seasonings. DH loves my veggie soup.

2 thoughts on “Boo Mama is having a Souptacular Day –

  1. Tony

    Any idea where we can purchase Wyler’s Stew starter. It seemed to disappear from the NC area.
    Thanks for the help!


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