Divorce – Adds to Global Warming

We hear a lot about global warming these days. I just read an article that adds other causes to our planet’s warming and the soaring use of natural resources. Divorce, people remaining single longer, and the move away from mult-generational households are all adding to the toll on our planet. Take a married couple….they divorce and now you have two households.
Instead of one refrigerator, you have two. Two hot water heaters. Two dishwashers. And then there are the raw materials that go into creating two separate domiciles (wood, glass, metal). If one family sits in their living room watching TV together and making use of the living room lights, that is less electricity than that same family divided into two homes and both of those homes watching different TVs and using different lights.
It definitely provides food for thought! I wonder if the political bandwagon is going to start advocating making it harder to get divorces and a return to multi-generational home. Maybe we will be required to get married by 20 or we will have to move into an apartment with others to preserve resources.
Just something to think about! Be sure to read the National Geographic article for more information.

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