Homeschoolers, Educators and Students, Listen Up! Microsoft Discounts Are Available for You!

The vast majority of computer users have Microsoft products on their computer. And every couple of years, Microsoft comes out with a new and improved product, but this also means there is a new and improved price tag. Because Daniel is a computer consultant, we always have the latest Microsoft products. It is necessary for his job and a business expense for us. But there are many others who would like to update, but find the cost prohibitive.
Well, I have found a solution for you! Check out! This website has a section that is dedicated to educators. If you are a qualified educator, you are eligible for tremendous discounts on several Microsoft 2007 products.
You may be eligible if you fall in one of these categories:
– Accredited Educational Institutions
– Administrative Offices & Boards of Education
– Faculty and Staff of eligible educational institutions
– Enrolled Students of eligible educational institutions
– Public Libraries
– Public Museums
– Home-School Programs
I have found Microsoft Office 2007 to be a vast improvement over previous Microsoft Office products. The layout is more user friendly and I am able to navigate through the Office Programs with ease. There are many features that I have found useful in my day to day activities. If you are in the field of education, you know how useful programs like Excel, Word, and Publisher are. I also really like the new Microsoft Photo Editor. So, if you have been wanting to upgrade, but funds have been low, then check out Your budget will thank you!

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