My Daughter Wants a Tent

I have never ever been camping before in my life. My husband and I almost went once back in the mid 1990s. We borrowed a tent, but in the end, we ended up spending one night in a lovely bed and breakfast and one night in a Holiday Inn. A couple of years later, we made preparations for camping out. We bought a tent, sleeping bags, those egg crate things for under the sleeping bags. We put the tent up in the back yard…it was a really nice one. The kids had fun playing in it. But we didn’t realize that we should do something to it to protect it from the elements. It was nylon and one day during a storm, the tent was torn to pieces by the wind.
This year my daughter spent some money she had saved up on a tent. Foolishly we got the nylon kind again. It wasn’t up long, but there was a lot of work going on in our yard and we had to keep moving it around and then we got it set up where we wanted it and a terrific windstorm came through and broke the poles that held it up! She wants another tent, next time we will go for a canvas tent with stronger poles and we will find out what we need to do to the material to protect it.
Who knows, maybe once we get the tent thing figured out, we will actually go camping!

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