Remodeling – One Room At A Time

We have lived in our home for 14 years. It is a doublewide and was not the best constructed doublewide in the world. We have raised four children in this home and had their friends come to visit. After time and wear, things need replacing and I have a list. I want to replace our crummy windows, first off. They are double paned, but they are hard to get to go up and down, they don’t keep the cold in in the summer or out in the winter, and several of them are broken (they have these plastic things on springs that are supposed to help hold the windows in place when you raise them..they are broken on several windows). They are hard to clean because of the way they are constructed and most importantly, I worry about whether the kids could get out of their bedroom windows if they should have to in case of fire. I have told them to throw things through the windows and break the glass if necessary, but one always wonders…
After that, I would like to put down carpet in my den and dining room and living room. The areas are open to one another. We actually put in a wood floor in the dining and living room areas, but chairs sliding across it and hot wheels races have taken their toll on this parquet flooring. The carpet in the den hasn’t been replaced since we move in and we can now see the stuff underneath the carpet threads where it has become threadbare.

Next I would want to re-side the house with aluminum (now it is some kind of press board/vinyl stuff I think) and put on those gutter covers so there wouldn’t be anymore climbing on the roof to clean out the gutters.
Then, I would have to flip a coin between the kid’s bathroom and the kitchen. The kids could use one of those new bathroom vanities, and a new toilet (their toilet bowl actually has signs of a crack in it, I think from years of plunging due to too much toilet paper). The tub is okay, but the shower hasn’t worked in years because we once had a pipe break in that bathroom (bad pvc). They fixed what was under the house, but not what was in the wall, and we couldn’t let the kids use the shower for fear of leaking into the wall (which had happened once before). It would be nice to get all of that straightened out so the kids could take a shower in their bathroom.
The main thing I would like for the kitchen if possible is more space. If a remodeler could do that, great, if not, new countertops are really the main thing I need. The formica covering or whatever it is called, has chipped off in places.
Then, once the inside is done, I would want to build a nice storage building outside and an exercise room to open up some of the space in our house…and I would like a concrete sidewalk from our front door to the driveway (we currently have a gravel walk and it is hard on heels). And I would like a large front porch.
Hmmm…one may wonder why we would do all of that remodeling instead of just moving. There are conveniences that I wish I was nearer too, but it is nice here. We have 10 acres of land. And we are at the point in our line where we are paying more principal than interest. We can do the remodeling as money becomes available and bask in our low house payments at the same time. So remodeling it is….A really big challenge for somewhere down the road is to redo the walls. We have painted and wallpapered over three of the rooms, but doing that over wallboard leaves a great deal to be desired. The wall board is textured, has spaces between each piece and in general causes problems. I think putting sheet rock over the wall oard, and then painting or wallpapering it would be the best way to tackle that job.
So, if you could do some remodeling, what would you tackle in your house?

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