Our Home Movie Theater

Here at the Markham household we take our movies very seriously. We live about 30 minutes from town and with two children and the travel time, it has always been cheaper to rent or even buy movies and watch them at home. Several years ago, my husband began his home theater quest. We have five, count them, five speakers. Two on the walls behind us that will make you jump because it sounds like people are walking up behind you or bullets are whizzing by. Then there is a center speaker and two large speakers to each side of the TV.
Then we have our sofas arranged in “L” style (not enough rooom for theater seating). We have a receiver that runs our satellite, karaoke machine, HD DVD player, and XBOX 360. The TV is a large flat screen plasma HD TV. So we grab a movie, put it in, turn out the lights and we have our home theater, only better. There are no crying babies, no one’s cell phones ringing, no people talking out loud, no heads between us and the screen and we didn’t have to spend $6.00 just to get to the theater! It doesn’t get any better than that. Well, there is one thing missing…but hubby’s birthday is in May, so maybe I could get him one of those
home theater popcorn machines…now that would complete the ensemble!

One thought on “Our Home Movie Theater

  1. Barbara Frank

    Sounds like fun! We are currently working our way through the entire Nero Wolfe series from A&E on DVD. Wish we had a home theater to enjoy it in!
    Wishing you and your family a blessed 2008!


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