A Musical Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, our 4-H Homeschool Nature Group met. The crafts for the day were musical instruments. My son decided not to come. The class is really geared towards younger children at this point. Here is what we did.
First we made banjos. You take two sturdy, deep paper plates. One you paint on the back with your beautiful design. The other you cut a whole out of the center, and then you paint the back of that plate with a beautiful design. Once these masterpieces are dry, you glue a paint stirring stick to the back of the plate for the neck of the banjo, then you glue the plates together(back parts facing outward), then you make strings with rubber bands. Of course pictures are worth a thousand words, so check these out:

E and Katrina are working on the back of the banjos. They both borrowed painting ideas from one another.

L proudly shows off his lovely banjo!

Katrina plays her completed project once we get home (btw, you are probably wondering about the monkey around her neck. Long story, but the monkey is special to her dad, and he didn’t make it home this weekend due to weather problems that would have made an already short weekend turn into a few hour visit. So she is wearing the monkey because she misses her daddy). Also, if you look closely, you can see her science fair project on the table. She is making a volcano. We still need to spread on plaster of paris and paint it.

The second thing we did was make fun wind chimes. We used mason jar rings and hemp twine. We used pieces of copper pipe (aren’t they pretty) and tied them onto the strings, then tied the strings to the mason jar lid. Then you put ducktape around the lid to keep the strings from all moving to the same spot. The hardest thing was getting the pieces the same level so they would hit against one another because the pipe pieces were different sizes and lengths. Some people used washers tied at intervals down a piece of string. Those were very pretty too. Here’s Katrina modeling her windchime once we got home.

Lastly we made bells. Take a small clay pot, a piece of hemp, two small washers and some beads or washers. We used four or five pony beads for the clapper. String the beads onto the piece of hemp. then string the washer, tie a knot onto the washer, then push the string through the bottom of the clay pot. Then string the other washer and tie a knot onto it. This will keep your clapper in place. You can hang it up from the remaining string if you like. Be careful. Clay pots break easily. All three boys dropped theirs to the floor.

We all love a little music! Make your own musical instruments and have fun!

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