Beware of Phishers

No, that is not a misspelling, nor is it someone who goes out and catches fish! A phisher is a person who tries to entice you to clicking on a button so they can get more information from you and eventually get money or some other thing from you.
Ever since I have started selling on eBay, I get bogus emails. Some looke like they came from eBay, some look like they came from Paypal. But all it takes is a bit of common sense on your part to know the difference.
For instance, today I got an phishing email from an eBay member. This member was telling me that they had paid me two weeks ago, that I had better respond or else they would be contacting eBay, paypal, and the police. Now, my first tip on this was that I hadn’t sold anything on eBay in the last few weeks, but let’s say I was doing a booming business on there….my next tip that this was bogus was the information I saw when I scrolled down…
Apparently, I had sold this person a small island in the South Pacific! Dang, if I had a small island in the South Pacific, I would be living on it, not selling it! It makes me shake my head sadly over these stupid things. I mean, if you really want to phish someone, why not take the time to find out what they sell so they might do a double take.

But, these guys don’t spend that kind of effort, they don’t have to. Because, believe it or not, there are people out there who will respond to that very email I was sent. Yep, they’ll do it. And they do it because they are worried that someone has gotten them confused with someone else and they are going to have all kinds of problems, so they try to nip it in the bud. So they click. Phishers will tell you, getting that first click opens the door to them and they have a great chance of doing you out of your money.
So don’t click! Even if you think this might be legitimate, don’t click! You have other options. One is to go to eBay and log in to your My eBay page. If the email you received in your email box shows up there, then it may very well be legitimate and you should check into it further. The other thing you can do is forward the email to They will look it over and tell you if it is bogus or not. I once got a survey type item from eBay. It wasn’t on my eBay page. I sent it to and was told that it was a real message from eBay.
There are all kinds of scams out there to be aware of. But let me give you some clues. Bill Gates is not going to send you money for forwarding an email (neither is anyone else). Those emails about a dying child that make you want to cry – most of them are hoaxes. is always a good place to check out. Once you starts seeing these phoney emails, you kind of get a feel for them. You probably haven’t won the lottery in the United Kingdom (especially if you haven’t bought a ticket). And it is highly unlikely that some long lost, unheard of relative has died and left you tons of money. The people that are in foreign countries and say they have tons of money, but they can’t get to it and they need your help and they will be happy to pay you…they are lying through their teeth (or their computer keyboards).
So, be careful. Take a few moments to think. We all have a bit of a desire to get something for nothing. But usually, there is no such animal. You may laugh at some of my examples, but people fall for these scams every day of the week. That’s why the scammers keep doing them.
BTW, I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma that I am trying to sell. If you are interested, drop me a comment below (wink, wink).

2 thoughts on “Beware of Phishers

  1. kailani

    I get those all the time. It’s actually kind of funny to read the messages like – Why haven’t I gotten my payment yet?!?!?!?! I’m going to report you!!!!


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