Movie Fascination

People have been fascinated with moving pictures since 1877 when a series of photos showing a horse galloping were created. It is hard to pin down the first movie. The first short was in 1890 and titled “Strongman Sandow”. The first short with a story line was “The Great Train Robbery” in 1903. And the first full length feature movie was “The Story of the Kelly Gang.” The first full feature color movie was “The World, the Flesh and the Devil” which made it’s debut in 1914.
People flocked to the movies. It was great entertainment. It opened up worlds previously ownly discovered in books or by first hand experience. Westerns (as you can tell by the titles above) were the most popular. Because when movies began being created, the call of the West was upon everyone, but not everyone could go.
Moving pictures entered our homes via televisions. While there were televisions prior to WWII, the amount of televisions sold skyrocketed after World War II. Licensed television stations started popping up across the country in the late 1940s. People gathered around the television for news and for entertainment. Over the years television brought us all close together. When we landed on the moon and Armstrong took that first step, televisions around the world were tuned in and people watched together.

As technology has improved, televisions have gotten better and now many people have a complete home theater. They have speakers, a receiver, a VCR or DVD or HD DVD or Blu Ray player to go with their television set to maximize their viewing experience. And for those who prefer to watch their movies at home instead of paying huge prices at the theater and then being stuck listening to people talking, cell phones ringing, babies crying, and heads in the way. And they want that experience to be a prime one. So they are creating home theaters complete with home theater furniture. There are chairs, special portraits for the wall, posters, popcorn machines. Everything you could possibly want to create the perfect home movie watching experience.
We have a bit of that in our own home, but until we move or the children grow up, we don’t have a room dedicated just to that. It would be cool to have though!

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