Sugar Slip, Piano Kitty, Found Treasures

Okay after four and 2/3 day of no refined sugar, I ate a piece of fudge this evening. And the stupid thing is I didn’t even really want it. It was there. I got it out to throw it away and I just couldn’t do it. I have a strong don’t waste food problem. But tomorrow it is back to no sugar and I am going to throw the rest of the fudge away. I have to. I have resisted cakes, brownies, Golden Corral buffet, and my normal grocery shopping day treat. But I was overcome by peanut butter fudge…so out it must go. However, going almost five days with no refined sugar is good and I have met my goal of exercising five days this week and I have been drinking tons of water.
Jack and Katrina are supposed to practice piano 6 days a week. Somedays it is hard to fit in the practice with everything else that goes on. One of the things that intrigues us regarding practice is that Mika, our gray cat, really is intrigued by the piano as you can see below. Sometimes, she sits on the bench next to Jack or Katrina and merely listens attentively, somtimes she tries to play along.

I have told you about our big clean up we have been doing. Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up a couple of spots in the den. I collect boxes for shipping. I have some items left over out of a bunch of stuff I sold for a friend back in November, December and January, and I have a bunch of stuff that the kids want me to sell for them. It was all a bit messy and I got it squared away. I also straightened up a small area of our homeschool shelf which was amazingly pretty neat.
Anyway, all of this cleaning has led to us refinding treasures that had been stuffed into closets or hidden on shelves and forgotten. When my children were very young, they got an easel for Christmas and when they were small and it was out in the playroom all the time, they used it regularly, but other things came along, the easel got put into the closet and not used very often. Well, we took it out and decided we could take it outside and set it up. Can you imagine a better place for an artist’s easel?

Just in case you aren’t sure, there are birds, waves, and fish in this lovely drawing. Katrina loves the beach.
Katrina also rescued four dining room cushions. I removed them because they were coming apart. Katrina took them out and placed them under the two picnic tables on the deck. The cats like them very much! But they weren’t in residence at the time of the photo.

One thought on “Sugar Slip, Piano Kitty, Found Treasures

  1. Mommy Cracked

    Aww, that is so cute of kitty helping during piano practice!! Reminds me of our cats…always have to be in the middle of everything!! And the view from the art easel is breathtaking!


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