My Year as an Office Manager

When I worked for the College of William and Mary as Parking Services Office Manager, I had a small staff under me. Actually, the hiearchy was a bit murky. My boss, Theo had an administrative type assistant. Then there were four people who went out and about and ticketed cars. They mostly reported to Theo, but worked closely with me. Then there was another gal, who ran dispatch for them and was technically under my supervision. Then I had a few college students working for me. I got to interview them, hire them and unfortunately I once had to fire one girl. She was just too busy with other things going on and was often late and unreliable. I hated doing it, but that is part of a job as a manager…to make sure that all the parts in the office are working together and performance management.
When there were tiffs and misunderstandings, I had to step in and try to solve them. I loved my job there, and it really gave me an opportunity to put my organizational skills to use. I also helped them implement several new programs which appealed to my creative side. Being the person in charge of deciding how others were doing their job was probably my least favorite part. As my husband is always telling me, I am just a big marshmallow! I preferred to work on what I was capable of doing, not sit around and pointing out where others were messing up…except for that one gal…she really was just not right for the job.

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