Plasma TV is Beautiful, But it Needs Accessories

The last television we bought (prior to the plasma televsion we purchased last spring) was heavy as all get out, but easy to use. You purchased it, brought it home, set it down, plugged it in and watched it. We eventually purchased an entertainment center stand and we slid it into its proper spot, but it could sit up on the table, on the floor, wherever we chose to place it.
With the new thin televisions, you can’t just set them on a table or on the floor because they will fall down! You have to order a plasma tv mount. Now they can be mounted on the wall or you can purchase a stand that sits on an entertainement center and then you mount the television to the stand, but the flat screen televisions must have support or else they will topple, crash and you will cry….a bunch! So don’t forget to order your mounting accessories when you upgrade to the new plasma television, so that our TV won’t be left sitting in a box!

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