Window Coverings

When we got married, my inlaws asked what they could get us as a wedding gift. We told them we would really like miniblinds. They put some up all over the house and we were so pleased to have them when we arrived home from our honeymoon. Now, 14 years later, we are on our third set of miniblinds. They get caked with dust, they crack and chip, the strings break, but still they help to darken the rooms when darkening is desired without heavy drapes. But I am thinking about ditching the miniblinds and switching to roller shades.
They are much easier to clean and they look a bit more decorative. I wonder if the springs are any better than they used to be. My memories of roller shades are that sometimes they retract like you wish, sometimes they don’t and that sometimes they roll up crooked. What kind of window coverings do you use?

3 thoughts on “Window Coverings

  1. Cindi Hoppes

    Hi, I use roman shades. You can adjust them to closed and anywhere up to fully open. I love them…..Cindi

  2. Mari ('84)

    I have had great luck with the white faux wood venetian blinds (11+ yrs.) They are sturdy enough to vacuum/wipe clean and provide a larger space to see through if you don’t want to completely pull them up. With Sarah’s allergies, we are all about easy maintenance and cleanablility. We will be putting them in our new house (!) and probably adding some roman shades in the bedrooms as well, to darken more completely so children can go to sleep in the summer before the sun goes down.


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