Sticker Shock

Yesterday, we made the orthodontis trip. Jack does have a bit of an overbite and the orthodontist recommends 2 years of braces to help correct the problem. The bill….$4500.00! That as much as I paid for my first brand new car!
We are contemplating whether we will do this or not. It’s tough being put in these choices. If it was simply cosmetic, we would probably skip it. But since there can be issues with jaw problems, we are considering what to do.

As Jack says….”$4,500.00! But it’s just some wire!”>

4 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. jen

    Had to go to the dentist with My Home Schooler this morning he had an abscess on his tooth and had to have it pulled. Anaesthetic doenst seem to work very well with him and he was in pain. Poor boy. Mr Wonderful brought us lunch and a tub of ice cream for Our Home Schooler. Hes going to have a quiet afternoon.

  2. kailani

    Is that how much it costs these days? Our dentist says that Girlie Girl will eventually needs braces. I guess we better start saving up now!


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