A Tiny Fruit That Tricks the Tongue

Have you ever heard someone say Guiness tastes like a chocolate shake? Or how about tabasco that tastes like donut glaze? Vinegar that resembles apple juice?
What, have I gone mad? Nope, but I have been reading about something called a Miracle Fruit that was discovered almost 300 years ago in Africa, but isn’t very well known. This fruit has the ability to make sour things sweet (and to make sweet things almost unbearable to eat).
I am thinking this could be the diet secret of the century! I mean…eat lemons and have them taste sweet…don’t you see? We could eat the berry, then eat a low calorie meal (like a salad) which would suddenly take on a new taste sensation. The berries tricks last for about up to an hour and each berry sells for about $2.00. I think it would be fun just to try out! Perhaps I will get to experience a Flavor tripping party, or maybe I will just order a couple of berries to see!

One thought on “A Tiny Fruit That Tricks the Tongue

  1. Nikowa

    I agree! Being a chocaholic, I’d eat a berry, then chocolate & it might taste like a pickle!
    My diet woes are over!!!!
    Where do I sign up!? :)


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