Home Improvement

Daniel is many things…He is smart. He is well-informed. He is a great Dad. He is a loving son and husband. He can make a computer do just about anything. But he has only a little bit of expertise in the mechanical and home repair departments. So things break around here and they tend to get left undone, unless it’s something I can fix. Well, last week, I rented two handymen and now little things that had piled up are working very well!

About a month ago, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back and led Daniel to say, okay, it’s time to rent the handymen… Our shower stopped functioning properly. The water pressure was about zilch and taking a shower under a trickle of water left a lot to be desired. So now we have a new shower head, a new spout (the shower part was worn out and was only sending about 1/2 the water up to the shower). Ahhh….showers are wonderful again!

About a decade ago, we took down our little light that our home came with and installed a two bulb motion sensor light to the front and back door. The one to the front has worked fine ever since. The one on the back stopped working several years ago. Well, now we have a new light and it works wonderfully well!

Our deck, which we just had built last year, has been wonderful, but one board decided to shrink up and then with recent rains was bending upwards. Soooooo….we had it replaced. Once it cures, we’ll paint it to match the other boards. We are grateful for no more stubbed toes.

My kitchen sink sprayer broke a while back too. The little ‘switch’ you push to make the water come out broke off. Well, now I can spray again! Look out kids!

We also had two door frames repaired (one the screws were working loose and the hinges were threatening to pop out and the other one the frame had actually split during some horseplay between the kids. And while the second door frame was being fixed, Bill and Eric noticed that I had a loose light switch (I installed it about 4 years ago and I cut away too much of the wall board, so I didn’t have anything to attach it tightly too and didn’t know how to fix it), so they fixed that and didn’t even say anything to me about it.
And lastly, but not leastly…. one of our toilets had a crack in the bowl. While it wasn’t currently leaking, I didn’t want to wait until it did and wanted to fix it while we had the money and the handymen. So viola…our new lovely toilet (nothing is sacred on the Internet). And Carole, if you are reading this, I challenge you to put up photos of your gothic bathroom!!!!

Next week, the appliance repair man is coming to make my dryer heat properly again, make my ice maker turn so we can get ice out of the freezer door and stop the leak that is in the freezer so I don’t have to chip ice out of the bottom on a weekly basis anymore!
Ahh…it’s the little things in life!

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