Another Reason to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee…

…or hot chocolate or tea…whichever your favorite warm beverage is. I love this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The days are getting shorter, the leaves are beautiful, chilly winds chase falling leves across the yard (and puppies scamper after them in delight). These are great days to sit by a fire, read a book, and enjoy a warm cup of ___________________ (fill in the blank with your favorite warm beverage).
Well, I was reading an interesting article at National Geographic that says holding a warm cup of beverage can give you a warmer outlook. People who are physically warmed were found to be more likely to buy a gift for a friend than themselves and to think more favorably of the person they are meeting with during or after the hand warming time.
I am thinking Starbucks should tune into this study to improve business during these economic times…invite your interviewer to Starbucks (or date or whatever) and you treat. Between the fact they aren’t picking up the tab and everyone is sitting around with a warm beverage…great things are bound to happen!

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