Dear Mr. Obama

If you haven’t decided how you are going to vote on Tuesday, why don’t you take a minute and watch this You Tube video. Maybe it will help you figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Obama

  1. Bruce Markham

    There is definitely something admirable about dying for a good cause.
    I wonder, with us spending $10 billion a month in Iraq, and ignoring the 62 million people here at home that work full time and can’t afford health insurance – if they think they are sacrificing for a good cause?
    With the Iraqi government dragging its heels, simply keeping emplacements there will never be enough. This has been a diplomatic issue for well over a year now – not a military one. But McCain will keep the fighting going and the money spending – for freedom the Iraqis are already capable of retaining themselves.
    After all, it’s *their* sovereign responsibility, not ours.


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