Old City Cemetery Field Trip

Today, families from my homeschool group went on a field trip to the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg. My kids and I have visited this site many times and learned a lot at the variety of tours we have signed up for. Today we were very excited about the opportunity to picnic in the autumn weather, swing on the swing that hangs from the pecan tree and learn more about the cemetery.
In years past, we have learned about composting, pond life, the railroad station, the pestilence house, bats, tombstone rubbings, the Confederate Cemetery, and some of the historical markers. Today we were supposed to learn about the trees in the cemetery and some African American history.
The kids and I packed lunches, packed up for the afternoon (the children had group piano lessons after the field trip). It was overcast and cool, but we were expecting the temperatures to reach 55 and for it to be sunny without precipitation.

As we headed into town, sprinkles began to fall. The closer we got into town, I noticed that it wasn’t just sprinkles of rain we were seeing. We were also seeing little white balls of ice. SLEET! In October! In Virginia!!!! This is unheard of! We had a couple of intense sleet showers when we arrived at the cemetery. I spoke with the lady in charge of tours, and she offered to let us eat in the community room because it was so cold. We enjoyed some time on the swing, then we headed inside for lunch. After we ate, we met back up with our tour guide who moved the tour inside. We learned a lot about the trees and other interesting plants at the cemetery. There are over 500 species in the cemetery! Fortunately, the weather cleared up a bit and we got to enjoyed some outside nature treasure hunting.
Here are some of my favorite photos of our fun today:

Katrina and Jack enjoying the pecan tree!

Trying to find shelter from the rain, sleet, and cold!

Kids Learning!

From statues to plants we saw many fascinating things!

And I love the beautiful autumn colors!

And for a few extra pictures, you can check out my Old City Cemetery set at Flickr

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