Six Wheeling on the Moon!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Moon Rover!!!!!

Just in time for a 2020 roll out date, NASA is hard at work on the next Moon Rover which will combine old school smarts with new technology.
From National Geographic:
The new lunar rover, informally known as the Chariot, is a prototype being developed as part of NASA’s Constellation program, which aims to put people back on the moon by 2020.
The current version combines 35 years of technological advances with lessons learned from the original “moon buggies” used during the Apollo missions of the 1970s.
One of the biggest modifications is an optional pressurized cabin that comes fully equipped with beds, a pantry, a waste-management system, and a pair of space suits, allowing astronauts to live and work “on the road” for up to two weeks.

Sign me up! I want to take a test drive!

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