Gary Sinise – An American Patriot

My mom introduced me to some of the best actors when I was growing up – John Wayne, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O’Hara, and more. These actors weren’t just better at their profession than many actors and actresses are today, but they were real people who didn’t jump up on a pedastal because of their profession. Instead, they took their positions seriously and gave back to this wonderful country we live in. I always heard about performers like Bob Hope going overseas and performing for the troops and how much that meant to the troops overseas.
Nowadays, so many actors and actresses that ‘show’ an interest in the troops seem more interested in photo ops and good press for themselves than actually giving support to the troops. You can tell this by the fact that you see them regularly on the evening news. But the true patriot is the one who works tirelessly for his country without bringing attention to himself. Gary Sinise is just such a patriot. I was unaware until I read an article today of just all he does and has done to support our troops and the people of Iraq.

I hope you enjoy reading this heartwarming story of a man who loves his country!

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