Live Longer, Be Smarter, Have More Energy – Eat Omega 3

My experience with vitamins goes back over 30 years. I remember spending the night with a friend in school who had a mother who only made homemade bread (and let me tell you it was some of the best bread I have ever tasted), who didn’t let her eat doritos (WHAT???) and who gave her vitamins every day! At the age of 10, I was thinking this was pretty kooky behavior.
Fast forward about 15 years. My hubby began researching the whole vitamin scene. And he began taking vitamins. Lots of them. I chuckled. We joked about how when he died that he would be a miracle to modern scientist because he would have the best internal organs. Did I mention that my hubby rarely gets sick…hmmm….
Slowly, I have incorporated some vitamins into my diet. The obligatory calcium, flax seed oil, glucosamine (which has worked miracles on my bad knee), a daily vitamin, and Omega 3. Daniel takes way more than that and I am always amazed at the continuing evidence that shows up supporting his choices. I knew he was smart when I married him, but it gets reinforced just about every day.
Anyway…today he sent me an article about Omega 3 (which was recommended to me to take by my doctor due to high cholesterol last year). And it is a long article. Anyone who knows me knows that I run away at the sight of long articles on the computer, but I read it. Every word. And I was amazed! For some people who have made the move to free range chickens and beef, this will be further evidence that they were making the right choice. For the rest of us, it is a wake up call. We are what we eat, and even if we have been trying to eat healthy, the industrialization of agriculture is conspiring against us. So take time, read this article and then make some changes! You, your family and your descendants will be glad you did!

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