Benedict Arnold

I watched Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor a couple of days ago.  I don’t know a lot about Benedict Arnold, except his status as a traitor during the Revolutionary War. I am not sure how close to the truth that this movie was, but I had read an article at some time in the past that really made it sound like Arnold had been pushed against the wall by his own country men. His achievements were overlooked, he was not paid his salary, and another jealous general tried to take credit for his courageous deeds. On the other side of the story, it appears he mishandled funds, but I was unclear whether that occurred before or after a lack of pay caused him financial distress. At any rate, I am not trying to condone his behavior, as there were ample other soldiers during the Civil War who were not getting paid and they didn’t turn traitor.

At any rate, Arnold started out by giving his all for his country. But then after feeling slighted and running into financial difficulties, his 2nd wife began pushing him towards turning traitor. He resisted some, but in the end, he gave up and did as she asked/goaded him. The movie was well-acted and it made me feel a bit sorry for Arnold (of course, since the plot was foiled, it is easier to feel sorry for him).

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