Movie Review: P.S. I Love You

First, this movie definitely deserves it’s PG-13 movie rating and in my opinion, probably R. The things people say and that others think 13 years are okay to hear, just boggles my mind. But enough about that.
This movie is excellent! A real tear-jerker chick flick. But it would be great if you could get your hubby/significant other to watch it with you. It starts out with a fight scene between a young married couple, followed by them making up, followed by his death. It grabs your attention from the first moment, especially if you are part of a couple because you can relate to what is going on between these too. And the love they obviously have for one another in spite of the tensions is very apparent.
After her husband’s death, Holly, played by Hillary Swank, goes into a tailspin of mourning until she receives a gift from her deceased husband. From there, she goes on to receive 10 letters that help her to grieve and to live again. It is a wonderful movie!
I give it 4.5 stars!

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