Another Shameless Plug and a Story of Teens Run Amok

First the shameless plug. I mentioned awhile back that Daniel and I are working on a new business venture. I am learning a lot in the process. Have you ever heard of neuropathy?
Neuropathy is simply described as nerve damage. Nerve damage can result from a lot of different things such as trauma, injury, diabetes, toxins. Diabetes is the leading cause. The nerve damage means that people either experience feelings that aren’t there (like you feel pains when nothing is wrong). You can also feel numbness – lack of feeling in your extremities. This can be particularly dangerous. You could injure your foot for example and not even know you have done it. So, if you have problems with numbness or tingling, you might want to check out the website for more information.
Now, there is a beach story that I forgot to share. Our last morning there, we got up to take an early walk on the beach. We wanted to take pictures of the sunrise and enjoy a last quiet walk in the surf. Then we planned to get all of our stuff packed into the car early to avoid the inevitable rush of people leaving and people coming in.

While we were enjoying the beauty and quiet of the early morning hours (we left our room at 5:30 am), we heard sirens in the distance, but didn’t think much on it. We took our pictures and enjoyed our walk and at about 6:15 decided to start our return to the room. As we got closer, we began to run into people in their pajamas. Well, it is the beach, so maybe people were just making themselves at home…
But then as we headed towards our building, some spoke to us and told us we could not go in there. Turns out while we were gone the fire alarm had gone off. The building had been evacuated. And most everyone had been allowed back in except for those who were from the 12th floor. Guess what floor our room was on?????
So we walked to the next hotel and got some Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate and waited a bit. When we returned to our hotel, the fire trucks were gone. We asked an employee what had happened. Apparently a couple of someones (probably teens) and decided it would be fun to take the fire extinguishers and spray them all over the 12th floor hallway. We were allowed to go back up as long as we didn’t have breathing problems.
We went up and there was a fine white film everywhere. We got to our room and it was fine, and the air wasn’t thick at all. We packed up and left post haste. As we were leaving, a clean up truck was arriving. The hotel had to call a special company to come and clean the spray up out of the hallway. I sure hope they found the culprits! And I am so glad that Jack got up and went to the beach with us.
Originally, Jack talked about staying in the room and sleeping in a bit, but then decided to come along. I can’t imagine how panicked he would have been if he had woke up to the sound of the fire alarm, we hadn’t been there, and then to go out in the hall and have that stuff in the air. Then to come downstairs and not be able to find us as we were on the beach….

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