Movie Review: Public Enemies

Okay, so it is no secret to those of you who come by fairly regularly that I am a big Johnny Depp fan. So today, when an afternoon appointment got rescheduled, I took advantage of having someone over to keep the kids company and I went to see Public Enemies. I do not know how accurate the depiction was and there was lots of killing going on. Can’t have gang movies without that.
But I enjoyed the movie. Johnny Depp and Christian Bale each gave excellent performances. What a lawless time it was. I find it interesting that people so often romanticize or root for people like Robin Hood, John Dillinger, etc. John Dillinger robbed banks. He killed people. But he was also charismatic. When he robbed from the banks, he did not take money from the customers in line. He didn’t want to be involved in kidnapping. He appeared to want to keep killing out of the equation. He was just after the money and the good life. But, this is wrong. A wrong against society. Not to be romanticized or encouraged. Dillinger was slippery and clever, and a criminal who in the end got what he deserved.
As to Johnny Depp, I continue to believe he is the best actor of my generation. He is talented beyond many that are out there today. It’s not just his looks and charm. It is his ability to become the character he is playing. I find it interesting that he never watches his own movies. I love the fact that he plays such a wide variety of roles and does so with such skill. I hope he will continue to entertain us for years to come.

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