Crazy Love

Today, I learned about a book titled Crazy Love. I was reading the blog, Be Hands and Feet, of my young friend who is in Uganda helping people less fortunate than most of us. It is an amazing piece that points out that many Christians have forgotten what sharing the love of God means. I have added this book to my Kindle to read during our trip.
I encourage you to take a few minutes and go read her post. And if you have an extra dollar or more, be sure to click the donate button on her page. I can tell you the money is going to a good cause (providing for hungry children, taking care of abandoned children, helping families). Right now, they are trying to raise money for a van for Serving His Children to use.
In one week, she had the following to deliver or do:
• 150 lbs of beans,
• 150lbs of rice,
• 2,000 mangos
• 100 pieces of fire wood
• 10 sick children
• 3 to 5 trips to the clinic
• Lunch for 1,000 hungry children
and apparently, she is doing this on a motorcycle. If we can get 2000 people to donate 5.00 each, that would be enough for a van to be purchased. If you use paypal, be sure to put in the note section that you would like for your donation to go to the purchase of the van.
If you don’t use paypal, you can also pay by snail mail.
Serving His Children
1124 Stratford Dr.
Bedford, VA 24523
A lot of times, we don’t know if these things are legitimate, but I can promise you that this one is. So, skip your Mocha or Latte one day and make a difference!

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