September 23, 2009 Mindarie, Kings Park, Perth, and the Bezants

We loved our lovely 3 bedroom Mindarie Villa and we all would have liked to have stayed there longer. Katrina, who is practicing to be a real estate agent, sets you up with a walk through in this video.

We were up again at 4 a.m. That gave us some time to do odds and ends and shower and get ready for the day. The Bezants came by around 8:45 after dropping Charlotte off by school (she had a big test). Then we had a lovely breakfast at The Dome restaurant (an Australian chain). I tried vegiemite. I understand it is an acquired taste…since I can’t get it back home, I don’t think I will work too hard at acquiring it!
After brekky, our tour guides drove us into Perth. Steve was able to take the day off and it was delightful to have a running commentary from our friends as we saw some of the sights in this area. We visited Kings Park. We enjoyed some fantastic views of Perth and the Swan River. We also enjoyed seeing a variety of Australian flora. And we watched part of a rehearsal for a play called Wildflowers. There was to be a big wildflower festival this coming weekend.
Here is the video I took of parts of the rehearsal. Katrina and Alexis in particular enjoyed watching the flowers and the bee.

And here are some of the photos from our time in Kings Park.

Katrina sitting amongst some lovely wildflowers that feel like paper. One of which is represented in the video above.

A view of Perth from Kings Park.

Steve, Lizzie and Alexis in Kings Park. The sun was in their eyes, so my picture didn’t turn out the best. Fortunately, Daniel was also taking photos and some of his turned out better.

Alexis in Kings Park watching the play. She is very photogenic and I think would make a lovely model.

Close up of Alexis. We thought it was funny that Katrina and Alexis both ended up wearing shirts of similar color and design today.

This is a Boab tree. Much like a dessert cactus, it holds water. So if you find yourself lost and in need of water and one of these is nearby, get out your knife, make a hole, insert a straw and drink! Of course, I am not sure that is the exact way to go about it, but if you are thirsty, I am sure you will figure it out!

This statue of woman and child is in the midst of a pond and is part of a section in Kings Park celebrating women and their contributions.

After our walk, we picnicked by the pond with the fountains and these ducks attempted an invasion of our lunch! They were certain we wanted to share bits of bread and chips with them.

Here’s Daniel among the wildflowers.

After Kings Park, Lizzie and Steve drove us through Fremantle, which is a major port city. We stopped to look at a War Memorial while there and to take some more pictures. In Western Australia (WA), they often shorten words and add an ‘o’ at the end. Service station = servo and Fremantle = Freo.

I love this photo. It just reminds me of all the fun we had together!
Then, it was to the beach near where Lizzie and Steve live. Lizzie wrote a book about a woman she met during walks along this beach and I wanted to see it. The book is called Lost Outside These Walls. This is a wonderful book for any mother to read!
While at the beach, we took more pictures:

Alexis and the Indian Ocean

Steve is a very humorous fellow and had us all laughing much of the time. Alexis exhibited quite a bit of this trait as well which you can see in this picture where she had sneakily found a new place for the pink bow that had been in her hair!
After all of our traveling about, we returned to our villa and put together a meal for all of us to share. Daniel had food from the Indian restaurant (Steve helped him pick it out). Lizzie, Steve, Alexis and I enjoyed Chinese. Katrina had a burger from McDonald’s and Jack and Charlotte enjoyed chicken from Chicken Treat restaurant. We ate and the kids had fun playing Go Fish while we looked over the photos from the day and chatted.
Last night I called and talked to my Mom and Jim and tonight I got to speak with Dad and Dianne. Even though we are on opposite sides of the world, it is just like talking to one another from home though there is a wee bit of a delay. We spoke with Tess and Johnny Thursday morning.
Our one exciting adventure was when Jack discovered a rather large spider on the ceiling in the bathroom. We didn’t know what kind it was, though a perusal of poisonous Australian Spiders made us think it might be a Huntsman spider. The ceilings were about 10 feet high, so reaching it wasn’t easy, but fortunately, we found a can of raid in the kitchen. You should have heard me yelp and Daniel chuckle when the spider fell from the ceiling to the floor next to me! YIKES!

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