A Typical Day

Two things I have learned while homeschooling is that there is no one way to homeschool and that there is no such thing as a typical day. We have a ‘schedule’ we shoot for, but we miss it as often as we attain, it maybe more so. Things come up…and it is always different stuff. One year, it seemed like our life was just full of life stuff that always had to be taken care of.  One year, the kids weren’t happy with the chosen ‘curriculum’, so we had to drop back and punt. One year, we were traveling a lot. This year, there seems to have been more than the normal number of illnesses.

But on our typical day, here is what we do. We try to get up between 6 and 7. From the time we get up until 9, we each have things we like to do. Katrina needs that time to wake up. But somedays, she wakes up, ready to go and gets all of her chores for the day done before school starts (pets fed, animals groomed, shower taken). I aim to have some devotional time and exercise. I usually have computer time and some straightening up chores to do so we can sit down and do school work. Jack…well, Jack gets a shower and pays Runescape on the computer.

From 9-12, we do school work. From 9-9:45, we study History (we are using Story of the World and are in the third year). From 9:45-10:15, the kids do science. Jack is studying a earth science text book and Katrina is working on a 4-H presentation regarding invasive species. From 10:15-11 is handwriting and grammar and spelling(Katrina). From 11-12 is math. Afternoons that we manage to be here, Jack is working on learning Latin using Rosetta Stone. He is currently reading the book "What Color is My Parachute" so he can get an idea of where his strengths are and what careers might interest him. Katrina spends her afternoons reading and learning typing.  I spend my afternoons doing a variety of things. These are on the typical days. But our afternoons often end up being spent other ways. Tuesday afternoons are piano lesson times. Every other Thursday afternoon we have 4-H. On Wednesday afternoons we have been going to the library and spending time there and going to the grocery store.

So far, Mondays and Fridays, we are mostly at home. So there, you have it…a typical day at the Markham house!

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