Avatar: Ferngully for Adults

Spoilers ahead!!!!
We have been listening to the hype for months about Avatar. We respect James Cameron and he has done a lot of amazing cinematic events, so we were looking forward to seeing Avatar. Today, we used up one of our free ‘baby sitting’ coupons – more like crowd control, and went to see Avatar.
First I want to address the positive. Avatar is probably one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. I would love to walk on a planet where the flowers and plants light up when you touch them. A place where there were 10 feet tall graceful blue cat people who lived in harmony with the world around them. A place where people literally had a connection with all around them. The people of the planet, Pandora, were like super connected Native Americans. They had these ‘tendrils’ in their hair that could connect them to roots of trees, and to animals. It was amazing!
Other than the amazing cinematic magic, I found myself disappointed in the film. It was full of cliches. The overall story reminded me of Ferngully which came out in 1992. The pointy ears of the fairy people in Ferngully. The fact that the fairies were in touch with the magic of the forest. The surfing bulldozer guy who changes his mind and sees the beauty of the forest and falls in love with Ferngully. And then there is the flying bat…
I am tired of going to movies and being preached at and seeing cardboard cut-outs of human beings. I go to movies to be entertained, I really didn’t find Avatar that entertaining. I found it had a lot of preachiness that would make a lot of extremes happy. Man raping the planet your particular thing? It’s in there. All corporate guys evil and bad? It’s in there. Crazy military types that are over the top in their actions? They’re in there. Native people who have all the right answers…they’re in there.
Please don’t get me wrong. I think we need to take care of our planet and I would be morally opposed to us going to another planet and taking over becasue we had the firepower and they had a natural resource we wanted. But this story could have been so much better…so much more interesting…so much more meaningful!
When Sigourney Weaver’s character hits on the fact that everything is connected on the planet, I envisioned an end that would somehow include the ‘tendrils’ of the planet reaching into the earthlings and helping them to understand and see how harmony could have been achieved. Not in a body-snatching way or puppeteer way, but in a ‘let us teach you’ kind of way. It would have been a better story if it had had a peaceful conclusion where both sides benefitted.
There was so much potential and had it been combined with a better story, this movie would be one to talk about through the ages. Instead, it is a cinematic wonder(visually), but beauty is not enough – the story has to be striking as well. Instead this one was full of holes and cliched characters.

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