Dad’s Words of Wisdom

I love my Dad and have long realized that he is one of the smartest people I know. Over the years, he has come up with many great ideas, some of which have come to pass. For instance, my dad thought of inventing the artifical tree with light bulbs already on the branches long before it ever came to be.
Tonight as we were chatting, he shared with me another great idea and I am going to share it here just in case the power’s that be are listening!
My father has worked hard all of his life. When I was growing up, he worked a 9-5 job, then he built houses on the side. Later, he switched to just building houses and even today, with my 64 year old father, often puts in 12 hour or more days. It frustrates him that the government takes part of his hard earned money to pay for people who won’t get a job. Now, don’t get on your high horse…neither he nor I are talking about the people who have lost job during this current economic situation. But here’s Dad’s idea.
He periodically has to take a drug test where he works. Many company’s do this now as standard procedure. So, if he has to take a drug test to keep his job, why don’t welfare recipients have to take a drug test to receive their assistance. If drug use is evident, then no assistance is given.
I wonder if someone in Washington will read this and give this idea a whirl? Or if it would be too politically incorrect because the reason these people are on drugs is because they are down-trodden by society?
I say ‘bah’ to that possibility! If anyone has an excuse to take drugs to escape, it would be the hard working individuals who keep this country together. They get up 5 days a week and spend most of their day working in one capacity or another and putting up with all of the stresses that entails. Then they come home and sit around the kitchen table with their checkbook in hand and wonder how they are going to pay all of the bills this month because the expenses keep going up and the checks keep shrinking. So if there is someone who has a ‘reasonable’ excuse to use drugs, it is the hard working middle class, not the ones sitting at home watching television all day after they pick up their government assistance.

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