God is Still in the Business of Doing Miracles

Last week, my mother let me know that the 92 Methodist Churches in this district would be meeting at Jefferson Forest High School this past Monday to put together 100,000 meals that would be going to Haiti. This was done with the help of the organization Stop Hunger Now. The next day, she emailed and told me they were going to try and put together 140,000 meals. The Methodist Churches were looking for volunteers and donations.
Monday at 3 pm, everyone convened at JFHS. The count on volunteers? 2500 plus people – some who came from as far away as Richmond. There were so many people that they had to ask people in the packing lines to leave so that new people could come in and have a chance to volunteer. At one point, they were putting together 10,000 bags in 10 minutes. When all was said and done, 210,000 bags had been put together.
30,000 meals were already put together at a warehouse in the area.
The ‘ingredients’ for 140,000 meals were brought to JFHS.
210,00 meals were made.
God is indeed still in the business of doing miracles.
This slide show will give you an inside view of what the event looked like.

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