Spirit Stuck On Mars, But Perhaps Best is Yet to Come

Six years ago, the rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars. Their mission…spend 90 days traveling across Mars finding out information about this planet that has fascinated us for centuries. 6 years later, both Spirit and Opportunity are still working.

It has been an incredible success story for NASA. Unfortunately, Spirit has become stuck in a sandtrap on Mars. After months of trying to help the Spirit wiggle free, the scientists at NASA have made it official. Spirit won’t be roving anymore. But the news is not all bleak. They are working to adjust the direction of the solar panels and hoping that Spirit will surived the Martian winter. If so, there are still experiments that can be done from inside the sand trap in the crater where Spirit now resides. Instead of being focused on moving Spirit, the scientists can now focus on other experiments. Well done NASA and Spirit! Hope to see you in 6 months after winter has ended!


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