Campbell County Art Show May 2010

Katrina and I enjoy taking photos. We think some of them are good. So, when we heard about the Campbell County Art Show, we both wanted to give it a whirl. There were over 180 pieces of art entered in the show. There were student divisions (ages 5-10 and 11-17), and these were further broken down based on medium. Then there were categories for Novice (never entered an art show), Amateur and Professional. And these were also sorted by medium.
Pictures were to be dropped off between 8 and 9, then the judging would begin. Then at 1:30, winners would be announced. Katrina and I were going to go home between drop off time and announcement time, but there were so many beautiful pieces of art work to see and we were having fun hanging out with some friends of ours that were there, so we just stayed. We left for a bit to get some water and hit a couple of yard sales, then we came back.

It was very windy today which kept things very exciting. Not all the pictures are framed, some are only matted. So we ended up having to paperclip those pictures to the frames provided by Campbell County. And no sooner had we gotten everything done, a big gust came through and we had the domino affect with the three student easels. It took us 30 minutes to get the frames back up, the pictures back on the frames and clean up the broken glass from a couple of frames that broke in the fall. Fortunately no one was hurt.
At 1:30 winners were announced. Katrina won 1st place for this photo:

Butterfly in Action

And I won 2nd place for this photo:

Lookin’ For Trouble

We are now looking for some good rural things to take photos of for another contest in June.

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