Transparent Headed Barreleye Fish

Check out this cool looking fish! You can see what’s going on inside his head! There is just no end to the amazing creations on this planet!!!  Be sure to scroll down to the video so you can see the fish in motion. And don’t be fooled…when you look at this guy – what you think are eyes, aren’t.

Transparent-Headed Barreleye Fish

Transparent-Headed Barreleye Fish

One thing that I found really cool about this article was that this photo was taken in 2004, but just now is being released and that prior to this photo/video, the only seen species were ones that were mangled and washed up on shore. The ocean is vast…who knows what mysteries lie under the surface.

2 thoughts on “Transparent Headed Barreleye Fish

  1. Melissa O. Markham

    Jane, according to the article, they caught this guy on camera 2000 feet down in the Pacific off the coast of California. It really is amazing, isn’t it? I took marine biology in college. It is a fascinating subject. Check out the post before this one for some other cool underwateranimals.


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