Woolly Mammoth Extinction May Have Led To Prehistoric Cooling!

Yep, you read that right! Scientists think that when people migrated thousands of years ago and killed off the woolly mammoth (because he was such good eating), that their actions led to global cooling…you see, the um…gas…that the woolly mammoth produced was helping to keep the planet warm. But once that um…gas…was gone, then the planet began to cool and this led to the Younger Dryas period which lasted 1,300 years and which led to drops in temperature of 7 to 14 degrees in North America and Europe.
Now if you go to wikipedia, there is no mention of the Woolly Mammoth theory. As humans, we are compelled to find reasons for why the climate changes (or why the sky is blue or why the chili dogs from Moore’s taste better).  I still believe that our planet goes through natural climate shifts and they are probably more related to solar activity than to things we do on this planet. In fact, solar activity is on the increase and a rise in temperature has been recorded on Mars even though there are no people there to muck things up.
At any rate, I am not sure if we should blame humans for killing off the Mammoth and leading to prehistoric cooling or if we should blame Mammoths for being so gassy and making the world a warmer place to begin with…ah…this if for better minds than mine to figure out!

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

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