Jack’s School Plan for 2011-2012

Okay, so it took me a little longer to finish up Jack’s schedule for 2011-2012, mainly because I was so busy the last couple of weeks and it takes a lot of time to fill out approximately 180 days worth of assignments. So, in case you are interested in what my 10th grader will be doing this year…here goes.
The Art of Argument: an Introduction to the Informal Fallacies. I’m pretty excited about this subject. Both Jack and Katrina are studying it — their only shared class this year. Not only am I hoping that it will improve their own arguing skills (less yelling and more psychology), but I think it will help them to see through advertising and the way people try to manipulate us as some of the lessons focus on persuasive arguments.
History is Jack’s favorite subject. So he will spend the year watching a series of educational historical videos (should supplement his extensive knowledge gained through Civilization and Story of the World). This year we are focusing on America. First he will watch America: The Story of Us . This is a video put together by the History channel and I receive it as a complimentary educational edition. It will present an overview of 400 year of history in a little over 9 hours.
Next he will be enjoying The Great Courses program: Early American History: Native Americans through the Forty-Niners. This looks really interesting. The professor teaches history in costume and character. It should really bring things to life. I only wish he had done a course from the Forty-Niners to present day. Next, Jack will be watching The Great Courses: The America Civil War, then The Great Courses, World War I. This will take him through the year. All of the Great Courses classes have accompanying booklets with thought provoking questions for each section.
Wordly Wise 3000, Book 9 is next. This is a great way to develop vocabulary. Each lesson is laid out and includes definitions, followed by activities to show that understanding of the words and finally a passage to read that includes the vocabulary with comprehension questions that follow.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature–The Gold Book–American Literature. I think this will be an awesome course! Jack will be reading some great American Literature, then answering questions about what he has read. The books he will be reading: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Great American Short Stories edited by Wallace and Mary Stegner, and The Mentor Book of Major American Poets edited by Oscar Wiliams and Edwin Honig.
Math is a bit up in the air. Jack has studied Algebra and Geometry via Great Courses Study, but I want to make sure what he has learned has stuck. So I went online and located tests for both of those subjects. The questions are ones that have been released from the state of California from previous years standardized tests. If he does well on the Alegebra I test(80 questions), he will take the Geometry test(100 questions). If he does well on that, then he will start the Algebra II Great Courses video. If he has problems with either, we have Saxon text books and we will hit the sections he had trouble with before moving on to Algebra II.
Science is Science Explorer Investigations in Life, Earth and Physical Sciencedand then Science Explore Adventures in Life, Earth and Physical Science. These are books by Prentice Hall.
Geography: The World and Its People by Boehm Armstrong Hunkins. I’m really excited about his Geography course and wish I was taking it too. It is done in conjunction with the National Geographic Society. I love the pictures!
So…as you can see, Jack has a busy year ahead of him. Add in piano, youth group and 4H and I think he will be plenty busy. I am hoping this busier set schedule will help him for taking classes at Community College next year.

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