“Triad of Felines” Monolith Unearthed in Mexico

After thousands of years spent underground, this “Triad of Felines” has been unearthed in central Mexico. It was carved in the Olmec style somewhere between 800 B.C. and 500 B.C. It took months for archaeologist to put together the 11 pieces in this giant puzzle (5′ x 3’6″). They believe it is just part of what was once a wall crawling with felines.
Triad of Felines.jpg
Because they posed a significant threat to humans at the time, large felines such as jaguars were revered by many Mesoamerican cultures, Grove said. Their frequent occurrence in Olmec art suggests cats were important in Olmec religion and mythology, but their exact significance is still unknown.
For the rest of the story, visit National Geographic.

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